Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Deep Space Review

I decided to review Deep Space, the fourth book of the Star Carrier series, this week. This book begins two decades after the prior novel ended and much has changed. Alexander Koieng, the commander of the Star Carrier America’s battle group in the earlier books, is now president of the United States of North America, a combination of what was left of the USA, Canada, and Mexico after a war centuries earlier.  The population of the USNA has been moving towards withdrawing from the Earth Confederation, Unfortunately the ceasefire with the mysterious Sh’daar Alliance is collapsing and the Confederation commandeers much of the USNA Navy, including the America, for the counterstrike. Then while the counterstrike is en route the Confederation moves to seize a USNA AI complex after declaring it an asset for all humanity. The assault eventually escalates into a full scale Confederation civil war, complete with the Confederation deploying weapons forbidden by their own laws. Meanwhile the America battle group is attempting to discover just why the Sh’daar violated the cease fire.

This book would be a great jumping in point for readers new to the series. The 20 year gap means that you haven’t missed any recent events and what you need to know about the events covered by the earliar novels is covered, including  what is known of the motivation driving the Sh’daar. It is fascinating to see what the characters have become over the past 20 years. Along with Admiral Koeing’s rise to the office of president the Captain of the America was one of the vessel’s fighter pilots in the first Star Carrier books, and a few other characters from the old days make appearances. This book also had the characters spread further out giving you a better view of the big picture then the original books where all the main characters were posted to one battle group.

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