Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Starcraft II Flashpoint Review

Warning Major spoilers for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty ahead.

This week I’ll be reviewing Starcraft II: Flashpoint by Christie Golden. The book picks up with the end of the Wings of Liberty game. Jim Raynor has just purged his former lover, Sarah Kerrigan, of erg influence and killed his former best friend in the process but the battle is still raging. In time Raynor and what’s left of his party escape the planet and reach the flagship of Valerian Mengsk, the son of the Emperor of the Terran Dominion. The aforementioned Emperor arrives with his own fleet forcing Valerian’s fleet and Raynor’s flagship to join forces and flee. After the ensuing chase through several systems the combined force reaches a world where the wife of Raynor’s flag captain offers them protection. They are eventually discovered and attacked by mercenary forces and flee to a hidden research station which becomes the site of the books climatic battle. The novel spends a lot of time on Kerrigan struggling to deal with her actions while under Zerg influence and flashbacks of some of those actions, along with flashbacks from Raynor and Kerrigan’s pre Zerg relationship, and a few from Raynor’s past as they vist some of his pre Starcraft stomping grounds.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of space side action in this book. The main disappointment with these was the lack of diversity within the fleets but that can be laid at the feet of the setting rather than the author. When a faction’s only capital ship classes in a game are all Battlecruiser variants you can’t justly be upset if no other capital ship models show up in novels based on said game. There are also a couple of characters that I wish had their motivations explained in more detail but none of this detracts much from the story’s fun factor and to me the fun is the most important part of a novel or story. 

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