Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Price of Peace review

This week I decided to review The Price of Peace by Mike Moscoe. This book opens with an engagement between a Society of Humanity warship, The Patton, and a pirate cruiser, which had belonged to the losing side in a recent war. After defeating the pirates the Patton responds to a call for help from a nearby world and stumbles on to a Slaver operation which has been terrorizing a small colony, and is, after a few ground battles, revealed to be part of the same organization as the pirates from the opening battle. Eventually with help from some of the soldier from the other side of the war the pirate and slaver headquarters is located and a botched intelligence gathering mission leads to the book’s climatic battle.

I give this book a 7 out of 1o personally. While the battles and overall plot were good, the combat wasn’t as good as the last book. Also a number of points bother me. I was able to see a plot twist that I’m certain was meant to be a surprise coming several chapters away. Also one point I find odd is that every pirate ship seen in the book belongs to the same class of light cruiser. An Operation like the one shown in the book buying up ships which were meant to be scrapped after a war I can understand. But why are they all the same class? Was there something special about this type of light cruiser which made it especially well-suited for the pirate’s purposes, which the author forgot to explain, or was it just dumb luck that their ship source or sources sold them nothing but Daring class vessels? In a movie or TV show this could be explained as saving the money it would take to create a new ship class but a novel doesn't have that excuse so I feel some explanation should have been given within the story.

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