Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Star Trek: The Original Series: The Weight of Worlds review

The week I decided to review the Original Star Trek series novel The Weight of Worlds. The novel opens with a scene set on a remote Federation research colony. At first all seems well but this swiftly changes as a mysterious portal opens and a force armed with artificial gravity based weaponry invades the colony. The Enterprise receives as distress call and travels to the colony sending down a team to investigate. The landing party is soon captured by the invading force, and the brainwashed colony survivors. The invading Crusade is revealed to be from another universe. They believe that the discovery of the Trek universe is a sign of the end times and that everyone not part of their religion will be destroyed so viewing themselves as saviors they intend to convert everyone to their religion via brain washing. Sulu and a security guard are freed by an anti-Crusade rebel while the leader of the rebellion has arranged to have Kirk and Spock brought to their universe. It seems Kirk’s reputation for defeating deities, and deity power level beings (See various episodes of the TV series) has become known to the rebels and they want Kirk to take out their God-King. Meanwhile Scotty is knocked into a coma leaving Uhara in command as the Crusade tries to seize Enterprise to spread their invasion beyond the one planet they can reach with their technology.
I give this book 7.5 out of 10. The basic plot of a group of religious fanatic out to convert everyone isn’t a good one in my book, and wasn’t done as well as it might have, and the Sulu focused portions of the plot were a little too predictable for my taste. I did enjoy seeing Uhura in command of the Enterprise. This happens very rarely and this is by far the best written Uhura takes command story so far in my opinion. Also I found the trial of ordeal where Kirk has to face the God-King in the latter’s favorite sport amusing.

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