Thursday, March 6, 2014

Resolute Stand Review

This week I decided to review Resolute Stand by James R Prosser. The book is the second in a series where humanity has been conquered by the Ch’Tauk Empire. A group of former human military personnel, pirates, and rescued slaves along with a variety of aliens have united to fight against the Ch’Tauk. The book opens with a mission to rescue a number of human slaves than proceeds to rebels the Human story focuses on, In the end the Battleship Resolute and its fighters are sent to search for the missing Carrier Zeus and her battlegroup while a group of former pirates take up the search for a scientist rumored to have developed a weapon capable of defeating the Ch’Tauk Empire once and for all. Meanwhile a bitter political struggle is raging at the highest levels of  Ch’Tauk military command. In the end a betrayal brings humanity’s forces into a desperate battle to save the world of one of their allied species from destruction at Ch’Tauk hands.
I give the book an 7.5 out of 10. Despite me accidentally getting the second book in the series first I had little trouble understanding what had led to this point or even why the Ch’Tauk had chosen to declare war on humanity. Still I wish the battle sequences were longer and more detailed and I felt that one of the plot twists in the final battle was too predictable,

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