Friday, March 21, 2014

Star Trek: No Time Like the Past review

This week I decided to review Star Trek: No Time Like the Past by Greg Cox.  When the story begins, the Enterprise, under Captain Kirk, has been sent with an ambassador to attempt to convince the inhabitants of the neutral world of Yusub to stop allowing Orion raiders to use their world as a sanctuary. Unfortunately Orion raiders crash the initial meeting between the Federation diplomatic party and the Yusubi leaders. During the battle Kirk and the Federation party are aided by a mysterious woman named Annika Seven, Star Trek Voyager’s Seven of Nine, who has found herself displaced into the past after activating an ancient device fond in an apparent monument to Captain Kirk that Voyager had discovered in the Delta Quadrant. After examining a gift Kirk had received from the leader of the Yusubi, Seven discovers a piece of the device that brought her to the past, along with a clue to the location of another piece. This leads to a journey to many worlds that Kirk and the Enterprise have visited before while the Orions, who have discovered that Seven is from the future, attempt to capture her, and the Federation Ambassador wishes to use Seven’s knowledge of the future to prevent tragedies that are yet to come.
I give the book a 9 out of 10. It was interesting to see some of the worlds last visited in the original TV series again, the  story had a few twists that surprised me, and it ended on a happy note which is how I greatly prefer Star Trek stories to end. However most of the battle sequences are OK but far from the author’s best, and even the final battle between Enterprise and the Orions, which I feel was superior to the others in the book, wasn’t great. 

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