Friday, April 11, 2014

Star Force: Rebellion Review

This week I decided to review Star Force: Rebellion by B. V. Larson. Humanity is caught between two feuding groups of sentient machines. Nanos appear to want to aide organic life while Marcos want to conquer or destroy organic life. When the book opens as part of a peace treaty with the Marcos, a detachment of Earth’s Star Force under Kyle Riggs has been placed under the temporary command of the Marcos. This detachment has recently finished a battle where it sustained heavy losses but the Marcos refuse to allow the unit to return to Earth to rebuild, instead ordering the force into a new offensive to exterminate a species similar to Centaurs. When Riggs realizes that his forces are being ordered to attack species who have peace treaties with Marcos so the Marcos can claim to have honored their treaties he decides the time has come to turn against the Marcos, and secretly allies with the Centaurs but the machines attack his forces before he has the chance to strike against them, leaving him little choice but to seize a Marco cruiser that is badly damaged before capture. He then receives a vast array of knowledge from the Centaurs, including a highly advanced AI, and the location of the race which built the first Nanos and Marcos. The captured cruiser begins the journey back towards Earth but while en route Riggs must decide whether using medical technology discovered onboard the Marco ship to revive his braindead lover is worth the cost while fending off attacks from a pursuing Marco task force. And when Star Force reaches Earth’s solar system they find a Marco fleet moving to attack Earth, and must fight one more battle against the machine enemy.
I give the book a 7 out of 10. The plot was well done, and most of the battle sequences were enjoyable but at times the story seemed to drag on, and sometimes it felt like the characters were rushing with little explanation even when they had time to take things more slowly, and would benefit greatly from doing so.

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