Thursday, April 17, 2014

Star Trek: Enterprise: Tower of Babel review

This week I decided to review Star Trek: Enterprise: Birth of the Federation: Tower of Babel by Christopher L. Bennett. The novel opens with a Klingon Privateer attacking a freighter near the prosperous Rigel system , known for its many habitable worlds, and for being a thriving port for piracy. The newly formed Federation is attempting to convince the Rigel system to join the Federation. But an alliance of underworld groups who see their power and profits threatened by the Federation is launching a two pronged strike at the Federation one in Rigel which aims to discredit one of the Federaion’s greatest heroes, and another at Sauria where they are aiding a warlord in his attempt to unite the world under his rule using a plague, and its treatment. While Admiral Jonathan Archer and Captain T’Pol meet with representatives of the Rigel system on the famed meeting grounds of the planet Babel, Captain Malcom Reed and his crew remain in Rigel to aid it as it prepares to join the Federation. But when members of a Starfleet landing party are kidnapped, a desperate race to save them begins. Meanwhile, on Sauria Charles Tucker gets a glimpse into how far Section 31 is willing to go, and what it will allow to happen for what the organization believes is the good of the Federation.
I give the book an 8.5 out of 10. The plots mesh well for the most part and are mostly enjoyable though there are a few sections I feel are edgy just for the sake of edginess, a trend I hate in recent stories. The brief space combat scenes in the book feel almost tacked on, however, with too little detail for my taste. Still, I enjoyed the rest of the book enough to mostly compensate for that and look forward to the sequel when it comes.   

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