Friday, May 30, 2014

Frontiers Saga: Resistance review

This week I decided to review The Frontiers Saga Volume 9: Resistance by Ryk Brown. When the book begins the carrier Aurora, the only known fully operational Earth-loyal warship to escape the Jung invasion of Earth drops a crew member to attempt to establish contact with any resistance forces on the planet before leaving the system again. The lone soldier first makes contact with a cell led by one of, if not the most incompetent guerilla leaders, in fiction. After saving them from an ambush she establishes contact with the main resistance, eventually discovering the fates of the family of Aurora’s commander. Meanwhile, the skeleton crew of the Celestra, an incomplete sister ship to Aurora, struggles to survive and evade detection. And the Aurora continues its quest to gather allies and supplies leading to a raid on a Jung fuel depot.
I give the book a 7 out of 10. It was interesting but had some major flaws. The biggest was the lack of details regarding the Jung. This is a long series and there are going to be people, like myself who start in the middle. Having some ideas about the culture of the antagonists would be nice. It is implied that they are human and descended from a colony that survived a plague which led to the collapse of an ancient--from the story’s prospective--human interstellar nation. But why they would choose to attack Earth? And their society and goals receive little or no attention in this volume. You see basically nothing of their leadership away from Earth or their plans.

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