Friday, August 1, 2014

Flinx Transcendent Review

This week I decided to review Flinx Transcendent by Alan Dean Foster. The book opens with Flinx and his companion Pip on the homeworld of the predatory AAnn species, trying to evade detection and find a clue to help them stop an ancient force which is destroying everything in its path and accelerating towards the Milky Way. Flinx is eventually discovered by the son of a high ranking AAnn official after his AI-driven starship is forced to flee and must convince the young AAnn’s friends and later the AAnn leadership that the threat Flinx is seeking to combat is real. Then Flinx has to race to save his beloved from a cult that believes the coming destruction of the Milky Way is God’s will, followed by a hunt for an ancient weapon which Flinx hopes can destroy the threat to the galaxy. And when that weapon fails, the race is on to reactivate an ancient defense system designed for just this threat while Flinx’s companions fight off more cultists and Flinx’s insane half sister, who doesn’t care if the galaxy dies as long as she can kill her brother.  
I give this book a 6.5 out of 10. The writing was OK; there just wasn’t anything particularly gripping in it. For the final book of a series that’s older than I am, I expected a lot more excitement, especially given that I’ve read many of the author’s other works and know that he can do much, much better than this. Also, I find it odd that this is labelled as the final Flinx and Pip adventure when Pip barely does anything. Many of the times Pip is mentioned at all is because Flinx is hoping Pip doesn’t pick a fight. 

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