Friday, September 5, 2014

Star Trek Seekers: 1 Second Nature Review

This week I decided to review Star Trek: Seekers: 1: Second Nature by David Mack. When the story begins, the Archer class scout ship USS Sagittarius under Captain Clark Terrell is exploring the Taurus Reach when it detects an unidentified energy source on Arethusa, a small, and seemingly primitive world. The landing party they send to investigate soon discover a group of the Tomol, a low-tech society transported to the world from wherever their homeworld is in the distant past. Some of the Tomol are throwing themselves into a fire to prevent some terrible change that comes to their people around the age of eighteen. But one woman named Nimur attempts to flee and receives aid from a Klingon scouting party. Soon the Change begins to grant Nimur new abilities, such as teklekenesis and resistance to energy weapons, but also begins to drive her mad even as she tries to gather a following among the Tomol who are due to undergo the Change. Eventually the Sagittarius party discover that the change was artificially introduced into the Tomol gene code by Shedai, an ancient and incredibly powerful race with almost supernatural technological abilities who were overthrown by their Tholian slaves long ago, and whose return was barely prevented a short time before the novel takes place. They also find a Preserver Obelisk which, according to local legend, can defeat the Changed, and realize that the Klingons wish to study the Change process and use it to enhance their own abilities. Meanwhile the Sagittarius engages in a desperate hit and run battle with a Klingon task force led by Kang as the Constitution class Starship USS Endeavour races to reinforce them.
I give this book an 8.5 out of 10. The story is interesting and ties in a lot of characters and plot points from the Star Trek source material into the tale but can still be easily read by someone not  familiar with the series in my opinion. The space battle sequences were enjoyable, even though I wish they were more detailed in a couple of places, and there are enough mysteries left that I’m not sure what will happen next, plus a few things that might be clues to what is going on in the story, or might mean nothing. One point of warning: the story ends on a cliffhanger and I fully expect the second book to begin within minutes, if not seconds of the end of Second Nature.

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