Friday, September 19, 2014

Star Trek: Seekers: 2: Point of Divergence Review

This week I decided to review Star Trek: Seekers: 2: Point of Divergence by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. The book opens by showing the ending events of the previous book, only this time they are told from the viewpoint of the Klingon cruiser  Voh'tahk commanded by Kang rather than the bridge of the Federation starship Endeavour, Events in space soon lead to a skirmish between the two vessels as Endeavour attempts to aid the crew of the crashed Federation scout ship Sagittarius and the Voh’tahk tries to capture some of the Tomol, who live on the planet where Sagittarius crashed, for study. Meanwhile, the crew of the Sagittarius must face off against the Changed, a group of Tomol who are undergoing a coming of age they usually die to escape, whose rapidly increasing power is matched by their growing madness. While the Sagittarius crew struggle to defend themselves and these Tomol who are resisting the Changed, the Endeavour and Voh'tahk form an uneasy alliance to take on the ancient Preserver weapons which have activated to defend the planet. Then the race is on as the crews of the Sagittarius and Endeavour struggle to discover how to restore the Change to what it originally was while fending off the changed. And one officer must decide just how far to go in using the highly classified data he illegally possesses to achieve that goal
I give this book an 9 out of 10. The space battle sequences are interesting, if short, and the ground battles are a lot of fun especially as the Changed grow in both numbers and abilities. Also, there are a number of great little bits of humor in the story. The ending was well done and this book leaves me hopeful regarding the quality of future stories in this sub-series, though it will probably be a long time before Seekers 3 is released. 

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