Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sci-Fi/Anime Haikus

“Ode to Red Shirts”
Dangerous enemies
Red shirts go to fight them now
They will not be missed

“Ode to Red Shirts, II”
Forget your phaser
It will not help you at all
You are made to die

“Ode to Red Shirts, III”
Where did that guy go?
I’m hearing his awful scream
That monster got him

“Ode to Red Shirts, IV”
I don’t know your name
You are simply the fodder
Please accept your fate

The Angels attack
Asuka will defend us all
What are you, stupid?

“Golgo 13”
He is god of death
Duke Togo can’t be beat
Don’t even try it

Spiky yellow hair
He will be Hokage
You must believe it

“One Piece”
Luffy is rubber
He’ll be king of the pirates
Gum-Gum Gatling Gun!

Kenpachi is here
His zanpaku-to has no name
Will he get Bankai?

“Attack of the Clones”
Anakin is a wuss
Being afraid of that sand
Padme, are you nuts?

Lando is a stud
He can pull off the blue cape
The man sure knows style

Making fun of films
Because they are so horrible
Crow is my favorite

“Doctor Who”
The Time Lord cometh
In his awesome police box
And really cool scarf

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