Saturday, July 21, 2012

Untitled Story

This is an idea for a story I've been batting around in my head, which I may or may not do once I finish the Infini Calendar series. Basically all I have so far is the setting, but I think it's a cool setting.

            The year: 2532. The city: Oasis, the only city on the dark side of the moon.

            The city was a neon metropolis, a beacon of light in a sea of darkness. The only other city on the big rock was Oasis’ sister, New Philadelphia, located on the happy, sunny side of the moon. The people of New Philadelphia got to enjoy the gorgeous view of the Earth every day.

            The city was built in the shape of a hexagram, and each side was a separate district. The buildings rose hundreds of feet into the dark lunar sky. A glass dome covered the city, separating it from the chilling vacuum of space. Building the dome had not been an easy process; accidental breaches had sent a number of workers flying off to their cold deaths early on during the city’s construction.


            Internal systems supplied an artificial atmosphere with oxygen and mild temperatures. Some buildings had special windows that projected fake sunlight, but it was always night outside on the streets.

            Speaking of the streets—freeways ran through the city and accommodated all manner of traffic. Air cars were also used frequently by those who could afford them. Due to strict population control, the populace of Oasis remained relatively constant. This discouraged continued manufacturing of air cars, so most of them were imported from either Earth or an automated factory that built them on-demand at a location a few miles outside the city.

            Many of the inhabitants of Oasis had lived in the city their entire life. Many of them had never even seen the planet of mankind’s dawn. This glittering burg was the only home they had ever known.

            Laws were much more relaxed in Oasis. The city had been built to cater to those people who were fed up with the stern rules of New Philadelphia. For instance, anyone in Oasis could own a gun—though the caliber had to be low enough so as to be incapable of putting holes in the dome—and almost all of them did. A few massive corporations also set up shop in Oasis to avoid the stricter regulations and oversights of New Philadelphia. Being out the Earth’s sight definitely had its advantages.

            However, there were also disadvantages. For one, the mortality rate in Oasis was far higher than New Philadelphia. This was largely attributed to the lack of gun control. Of course, there were also stabbings, stranglings, bludgeonings, poisonings and other homicides that had nothing to do with firearms.

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