Friday, April 12, 2013

Kindle Spotlight -- Outcasts of East Mars

Today we have a short story by Brett Harte and B.R. Nielson: Outcasts of East Mars. Taking place in 2072 on--naturally--Mars, the story centers around a small group of people who have been deemed undesirable by the city of East Mars and so are forced into Exile. These unwanted examples of humanity include Mr. Rose the gambler, the Mistress, Dear Mother, and Uncle Billies. We are given very little description of these characters, yet you can easily form pictures of them in your mind. They are escorted out of the city at gunpoint and head off on a journey to West Mars where hopefully they will be given a better reception.

There's a lot of potential here. The characters come across as pitiable and very human, especially the young females in the story. As they struggle to survive in the harsh Martian environment, you quickly begin to sympathize with them. The story itself is very short (in fact, it may be the shortest thing I've ever reviewed) and lacks polish, but I see in Brett Harte and B.R. Nielson authors that could be great in the future.


  1. Hey this is B.R. Nielsen, the author of "Outcasts of East Mars". Thank you for the kind words! Would you be willing to share this review on the books Amazon page? That would be incredible of you! Either way, thanks again and I'm glad you enjoyed this work!

    All the best,


  2. Sure, although Amazon doesn't always publish my reviews. That's partly why I post them here.