Monday, May 20, 2013

Kindle Spotlight -- Proph-et: Journey from Stardust

Today we have a powerful novel by Graeme Woodley: Proph-et: Journey from Stardust (Propheture), a book that will change the way you view...well, everything.

The story begins as protagonist and narrator Jack arrives at his family's cabin in the wilderness. Things are not going well for him; his marriage is falling apart and he is dying from cancer. He desperately seeks answers regarding the meaning of life--in other words, what is the point of it all? Suddenly, he spots a light shining through the window of the cabin, and an angelic figure appears. This entity takes the form of a young man and explains that he is a visitor from another world and he calls himself Turen. According to Turen, mankind is approaching an apocalypse from which we may not survive. He offers to help prevent this, but first he must ascertain whether or not humanity is worthy of salvation. He has decided to use Jack to find out, and together they journey through the history of Earth, religion and philosophy. Through it all, Jack must face some harsh truths concerning his belief in God. Can he accept what Turen has to show him?

This is one of the most powerful narratives I have ever read. Woodley utilizes symbolism and deep insights to bring the reader to profound revelations. Be warned, though: This story asks you tough questions. What do you believe? What should you believe? Is God really what we have always thought Him to be? If, however, you can face these questions, you owe it to yourself to give this book a read. I, too, had the same questions as the narrator, and am now more comfortable with them. As Turen puts it, I have internalized my beliefs. The book does not seek to disprove the existence of God, but rather to question our understanding of any possible Creator.

Proph-et is not for everyone, though. Jack and Turen's lengthy philosophical and metaphysical discussions may be too much for some people. Also, the book occasionally suffers from not enough editing. Nevertheless, students of philosophy--and anyone struggling with their faith--absolutely must read Proph-et: Journey from Stardust

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