Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Lost Stars: Tarnished Knight Review

This week I decided to Review The Lost Stars Tarnished Knight by Jack Campbell. This is the first book in the second of two current series following the events of the author’s The Lost Fleet series. While The Lost Fleet Beyond the Frontier focuses on the further adventures of the characters from the Lost Fleet  The Lost Stars focuses on one system from the Syndic Worlds, and its efforts as it asserts its independence in the wake of the defeat of the Syndic Worlds. The early part of the book focuses on the revolt which frees the Midway system from the Syndic worlds then moves on to the two main characters trying to decide just what type of government they wish to establish and setting it in motion, while dealing with the fact that neither entirely trust the other. Later parts deal with Midway’s efforts to strengthen their military forces and forge alliances with nearby systems, including intervention in a three way civil war in one neighboring system.
I give the book 8.5 out of 10. The political side of things is very well done, and I find the struggle of the book’s protagonists to differentiate their new government from both of the major powers in the setting amusing. The battles are very well done, and its nice to see some small squadron and task force battles rather than the massive fleet actions of the other series in the setting, and getting to see the ground battles up close is enjoyable as well, The biggest flaw in the book is that virtually all of the antagonists are portrayed as fanatics. I find it hard to believe that everyone out to oppose the Midway system’s goals is as blood thirsty and insane as they are shown in the book.

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