Friday, November 15, 2013

Wolf Among The Stars review

This week I decided to review Wolf Among the Stars by Steve White. The novel is the second, and so far last, in its seres set about four decades after the end of Eagle Against the Stars. Humanity has began to spread among the stars after overthrowing the Earth First party government imposed by the Gev-Rogov, a section  of the Lokaron species which is viewed as the black sheep of their society by most of its members. At some point in the intermission Humanity was involved in an interstellar war with the Gev-Rogov but the book skims over much of it. When the book opens one of the heroes of Eagle Against the Stars has recently died and his son misses the funeral  due to being detained after discovering the body of his commanding officer who had committed suicide. Investigation of the suicide leads to the discovery of the Black Wolf Society, a secret society believe to be legend. An investigation into the society launched by Andrew, his mother, the dead Admiral’s daughter Rachel, and an old Lokaron ally of humanity eventually reveals that the society is run by aliens who plan to spark a full scale war between Humanity and the Lokaron then serve as secret rulers when Humans rule the galaxy  The efforts to stop the Black Wolf plot lead to a number of battles, and losses, and a classic last minute save.

I give the book 6.5/10. I feel that the battle sequences were the worst I’ve ever seen from this author, and that the 40 year timejump skipped far too many major events. Perhaps the author will later do a book covering those events though given the amount of time between the release of the first two books I doubt any others will be coming soon.  Regardless the plot was enjoyable though I wish they hadn’t killed off my favorite character from the first book right before this one takes place.

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