Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cool Kickstarter Project -- Afterlife: Episode 1

Today I'd like to tell you about another Kickstarter project I've started backing. It's a graphic novel by Sander Offenberg and Hugo Kejzer called Afterlife: Episode 1. From the project homepage:

"What if you get the news no one ever wants to hear:
You are terminally ill - there is nothing we can do for you.

While trying to prepare yourself for your final goodbyes, you get an unexpected chance at surviving: 
You may move to a secret underground facility where you'll get experimental treatment that may return you to health... 
But there is a considerable downside: you will never be allowed to return to the 'real world'.
You will never see your family, your friends and lovers again.
They will think you are dead.

Afterlife is about a group of people who have made this decision.
They will have to come to terms with the loss of everything they ever knew or cared about.
They must find new purpose and they will have to learn to deal with the idea of literally being buried alive in this 'perfect place' called Novamed...
And as if that is not enough, their new world turns out to be anything but peaceful. Inhabitants must face impossible dilemmas: terrifying threats from corrupted doctors, frighteningly unstable co-inhabitants and other unexpected dangers.
As this once idealistic world begins to unravel, more and more people are looking to achieve the impossible: to find a way out."

The story is intriguing, and the art so far looks pretty slick. I encourage everyone to check out Afterlife: Episode 1.

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