Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kindle Spotlight -- Fenris Unchained

It's been a while since I've done this segment, so I decided to bring it back. Today we have a review of Kal Spriggs' space novel Fenris Unchained. Is it worth reading? Let's find out.

The plot centers around siblings Melanie and Rawn Armstrong who operate their late parents' freighter Kip Thorne. On one particularly unlucky day, the ship--which was in dire need of repairs to begin with--gives out during atmospheric reentry over the planet Dakota and the siblings are forced to bail. Sadly, losing their beloved ship is only the beginning of their troubles. Local authorities charge them with reckless endangerment, criminal negligence and violation of traffic laws. When Melanie tries to explain the situation, they hold her in contempt of court and sentence her and Rawn to fifteen years hard labor. 

Things seem bleak, but all is not lost. A Guard Intelligence operative named Mueller offers to commute their sentence if they agree to carry out an important mission. A century ago, a warship called the Fenris went missing and was presumed destroyed. However, it has just reappeared and its computer seems intent on finishing it's mission: the destruction of the planet Vagyr. To avoid a lengthy prison term, and to save countless innocent lives, the Armstrongs agree to the deal. But to complete the mission, Melanie will have to deal with dangerous teammates, an unpredictable AI, terrorists, and her own tragic past. It will be difficult enough as is, and making matters worse, not everyone is who they claim to be, and those closest to her may just be the most dangerous obstacles of all. Will catastrophe be averted, or will an entire planet burn?

I wish I could recommend this novel. It's got a compelling story and a likable protagonist. Unfortunately, it wasn't edited very well (if at all). Typos, extra words and other errors pop up frequently. and it really brings down the whole experience. According to Amazon, this book has an editor by the name of Leo Champion, but I find that hard to believe. Any decent editor would have been able to spot the multitude of errors that mar this novel. If you've been following this blog since the beginning, you know I'm big on editing, and Fenris Unchained falls well short of my expectations. As it is, I'm listing this book as one to avoid.

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