Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Problems With Battleborn

Recently I picked up Battleborn for PS4. I was excited for this game since it's from the same people who made Borderlands. However, I've found it disappointing, and I'll tell you why.

1.) It requires a constant internet connection. It doesn't matter if you're playing solo; you have to be online. If you ever lose your connection, you can't play. This is a bonehead move on Gearbox's (the developer) part and one I feel to be completely unnecessary.

2.) An over-reliance on escort/defense missions. Too many missions in this game require you to defend something, and you automatically fail if you can't defend it. If it were one or two missions, I could forgive it. But it's several, so I can't.

3.) You go back to level one after each mission, killing the sense of progress you would have had by building up your character. I don't like having to re-level my character each mission, choosing the same skills over and over again. Much of the fun in Borderlands came by building up my char and molding him/her into a mighty warrior. I sort of understand why Gearbox did this; they probably wanted everyone to start off on a level playing field. But it just doesn't work for me.

Because of these flaws, Battleborn falls well short of its amazing potential. It has a wildly diverse cast of characters and smart humor, and could have easily achieved greatness if not for its problems.

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