Thursday, April 27, 2017

Author Interview -- Grady P. Brown

Today we have Grady P. Brown, author of the superhero series The Young Guardians.

1.) How would you describe your writing?
My writing is mostly self-taught, but has undergone much change and evolution over the years after much practice. I focus on providing as much description and emotional atmosphere as possible for my readers.

2.) Tell me about The Young Guardians.
The Young Guardians are my ongoing superhero series that revolves around a group of teenagers who acquire superhuman powers after a chance encounter with the last of the high elves. Now they are being hunted by an organization of supervillains, including a cyborg who seeks vengeance. Now I am reaching the fourth and final volume of the Young Guardians Series, which will depict their final battle against the most powerful supervillain in the world.

3.) How has living with autism impacted your writing?
Due to my autism, I am able to better visualize the scenes in my stories in greater detail. Also, my autism gives me a powerful memory, which enables me to remember everything about my characters and stories. If anything happens to any of my stories, I can easily rewrite them.

4.) I see you like Tite Kubo. Are you a fan of Bleach? Why or why not?
I am a fan of Bleach because I love the intense action scenes as well as Ichigo's growth as a character.

5.) Tell me about your relationship with Christopher Paolini.
I am a huge fan of his Inheritance Cycle. His success is what inspired me to become a writer myself. Recently, we have been communicating through He has provided much needed insight on what is required to be a writer. It has been a tremendous honor to receive such lessons from him.

6.) What's your take on Star Wars: Episode VIII? Do you think it will be any good?
This question I can answer for a fortnight so I will try to make my answer brief. I think it will be a great film for everyone because we will be exposed to something greater than the balance between light and dark. Also, I look forward to seeing how Kylo Ren's training under Supreme Leader Snoke will be completed and how it will transform him as a dark side practitioner.

7.) What is your interest in medieval history?
In order to gain as much inspiration and information for my new fantasy book, I have studied many aspects from the Norman invasion of 1066 to the Tudor Dynasty of the 16th century. Like the Star Wars question, I could answer this question for a fortnight because of how much I have learned. Soon, I will immerse myself even deeper into the medieval lifestyle by taking blacksmithing, fencing, archery, and horsemanship classes. Also, I believe that learning about medieval history is very worthwhile because it allows me to reconnect with my ancestral roots.

8.) What is your advice for aspiring authors?
While writing a new story, be sure to keep your cards close to your chest and not reveal everything about your story until it is published. That will reduce the risk of people stealing your idea. In addition, while writing a story, be sure to make keep a flash drive in order to make copies of your story in case something happens to the main copy.


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