Saturday, December 30, 2017

James Review -- Safehold: At the Sign of Triumph

This week I decided to review Safehold: At the Sign of Triumph by David Weber.

The war between the Church of God Awaiting and its allies and the alliance led by the Empire of Charis is nearing its end. Using an identified Temple agent to slip false battle plans to the enemy, the Alliance manages to lure the many hostile forces out of position while the Alliance’s newest warships move to seize control of the seas. But the Alliance’s armies are still massively outnumbered and the military commanders of the forces facing the Charsian alliance’s armies are swiftly learning how to counter the technological advances that have given the alliance its greatest advantages in the war.

Meanwhile, a plot by Temple Loyalists to overthrow Empress Ahrmahk is brewing in her homeland of Chisholm. While the advanced technology available to the Empire’s leadership means they know of the plot, they have to find a way to shift forces to stop the loyalists without warning them before they commit crimes allowing them to be arrested and tried openly.

And within the Temple Lands those loyal to the church but opposed to the brutal rule of the Inquisition reach out to the Empire for help in overthrowing the Grand Inquisitor. But within the Inner Circle, those who know the truth about the history of humanity and Safehold, must decide if they can accept such a pact knowing that a Church of God Awaiting reformed will oppose their long-term goals…

I give this book 9.5 out of 10. It has a nice variety of battles and political maneuverings and I thought all of the important players in the story had good characterization. However, there were some things discussed that I wish we had seen from the viewpoint of a character present in the area or at the event. Also, there were a couple of things characters considered important problems which I felt the characters in question should be able to easily find a way to resolve.

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