Sunday, June 10, 2018

James Review -- Star Trek: Prometheus: The Root of All Rage

This week I decided to review Star Trek: Prometheus: The Root of All Rage by Bernd Perpiles and Christian Humberg. 

The story begins immediately after the previous book. Soon after discovering that the members of the Purifying Flame, the Renao extremist movement responsible for devastating attacks on both the Federation and Klingon Empire, are being mentally controlled by an unknown force, the escape of an extremist carrier is found to be due to it possessing a newly developed type of faster-than-light engine which is supposed to still be in testing.  

As the USS Prometheus and the IKS Bortas push deeper into the Lembatta Cluster, which the Renao call home, hostility towards them increases along with internal tensions among the ship crews and between the two vessels These tensions almost lead to the two craft engaging in battle after the destruction of another Klingon colony leads to the Bortas receiving orders to attack the Renao world the ships are visiting. The order is rescinded, but a strict time limit is put on the investigation before the Klingons launch a full invasion of the cluster. 

A trail leads to a log buoy from the USS Valiant, a Starfleet vessel that vanished while exploring the cluster during the 23rd century. This buoy reveals new clues and, with time running out, the crews of the Bortas and the Prometheus race to tie together the fate of the Valiant, the legendary lost Renao homeworld Iad, and the events that led to the ancient Renao being transported from their homeworld, to discover the true power behind the Purifying Flame.

I give this book 8 out of 10. I like the story overall and the characters. The investigation plot and the buildup of tensions on the ship was interesting. And I like it when stories tie into episodes from one of the TV series and the older books, but if authors are going to do so, they need to make sure the details are correct, either by re-reading the books or having someone else double check the parts referred to in their work, and that clearly wasn’t done here which knocks my score down hard.

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