Sunday, December 23, 2018

Update -- 12/23/2018

I'm still progressing through my next novel Return of the Nine. I think it's going to be considerably longer than the last few books, so I don't know if I'll make the early 2019 release I originally projected. I don't like to release books more than a year apart, as I like to be consistent as far as yearly releases are concerned. Still, I hope you'll wait, as I assure you--it will be worth it.

I plan on this being the last Divine Protector book, at least for a while. It will wrap up everyone's story (whether that character lives or dies; not everyone makes it). After I publish it, I'm going to write a grounded non-genre novel which may or may not appeal to you. I hope you'll stick with me because I have some exciting stuff in the works.

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