Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Update -- 01/22/2019

Well, it's been a crazy month. I didn't get much writing done because I was busy moving into my new house. I planned to start writing again after that, but then my monitor died. But now I'm back working on Return of the Nine. At this point, I don't know when it will be released, but it will be worth it. In the mean time, here's a rough cut.

Prisoner hid a wardrobe in one of the upstairs bedrooms of the Crystal Palace when the attack began. She was terrified, her heart racing at lightspeed. She struggled to control her breathing, but it was useless.
Whoever this was had made short work of some of the strongest gods to ever live. Who knew what they would do to her if they found her.
A creak announced the opening of the bedroom door. Footsteps proceeded this. Prisoner slammed her hands over her mouth to keep from breathing. Impossibly tense moments passed.
The wardrobe door flew open and a hand pulled her out of there like a rocket. She found herself face to face with a large humanoid figure completely covered in a silver suit and helmet. “Please don’t hurt me!” she wailed.
The figure stood at least seven feet tall. Its head almost hit the ceiling. It stood there with its hands wrapped around her throat, perhaps contemplating her. Finally, it let go and she fell to the floor. She fought to catch her breath but it was ragged.
The entity stared down at her. Its helmet had large black ovals where eyes should be. Finally, it said in a distorted voice, “Who are you?”
“Me? I-I’m no one.”
“No,” he said. “Your eyes betray your fear. But there is more there. You’re like us; you yearn to dominate others.”
She waved her hands wildly to dismiss the accusation. “N-No! I would never think to try and dominate you.”
“Stand up.” She did so and found the being still towered over her. “You’re different from the others. They had strong levels of xaksan, but you have none.” It fingered her collar. “What is this?”
“It suppresses my god power.”
“Hmmm. So, if I destroy this, your xaksan will return?”
“If by xaksan, you mean my energy, then yes.”
It seemed nothing more needed to be said, for he ripped the collar off her like paper. Within moments, god energy swelled within her.
“Join us, and you will have everything you desire.”
Wasting no time, she conjured a pair of black glasses and put them on. “Sounds good to me.” Her fear was gone; if this… individual… had wanted her dead, she would be so already.
“Tell me—what do you desire?”
Without hesitation, she said, “Revenge.”
“Against who?”
She smirked. “Ev Bannen.”

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