Saturday, April 7, 2018

James Review -- Pacific Rim: Uprising: Ascension

This week I decided to review Pacific Rim: Uprising: Ascension by Greg Keyes. 

The main story begins with a new class of cadets, pretty much all of those that appear in the movie Pacific Rim: Uprising, arriving at the Moyulan Shatterdome to begin training. But soon after they arrive, sabotage leads the pilots of the Jaeger Chronos Berserker to believe they are fighting a Kaiju via a modified training simulation. In the end one of the pilots is killed and the other badly injured.

The cadets had toured the Chronos Berserker shortly before the disaster and investigators find a drive belonging to cadet Ou-Yang Jinhai. As training continues Ou-Yang finds himself paired with fellow cadet Viktoria Malikova, who is also a suspect. Realizing they are suspects they set out to try to discover the truth. Ou-Yang, who grew up in a Shatterdome, realizes how the sabotage was carried out, but while investigating to confirm his theory the two cadets are captured by agents of the Akumagami Front, a Kaiju-worshipping cult. And soon the investigators at Moyulan realize that the sabotage was just a distraction to allow the theft of information needed to carry out a far more devastating attack…

The story also includes a number of flashbacks to earlier events in the lives of Ou-Yang and Malikova as well as some to battles of the Kaiju War.

I give this book 7.5 out of 10. I like getting to learn more about the pasts and motivations of some of the characters and enjoyed getting some more insights into Jaeger Technology and pilot training a lot. However, some of the battle flashbacks are disjointed with several chapters between parts of a battle and in one case with a flashback to another battle in the middle. This made keeping track of what was happening in which fight annoying at times for me. Also, there are a few too many parallels between the book’s plot and that of Pacific Rim: Uprising for my tastes though the differences were enough to hold my interest most of the time.

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