Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Kindle Spotlight -- Legacy: The Reunion

A few years ago I reviewed Michelle Lowe's novel Legacy (for that review, see Well, now she's back with Legacy: The Reunion. Is it worth your time? Let's find out.

The story picks up not too long after Legacy. Pierce Landcross manages to escape from vengeful British officer Lieutenant Javin with the help of the vampire Robin Hood. However, when he reunites with Clover and Archie, he learns Javin has arrested his parents for attempting to rob him and assaulting him. Deciding a word with the queen is in order, he sneaks into her home and tries to get her to intercede on his behalf. But she has an alternative proposal. If Pierce can infiltrate the prison where his parents are being held and get them out without being caught, she'll let them all go. But if he fails, it's curtains for all of them.

Pierce manages to succeed (for the most part) with the help of some old friends and reunites with his parents while meeting lovely Russian Taisia for the first time. He then learns of an inheritance, but in order to claim it, they'll have to solve a series of clues. Along the way, they'll learn about Pierce's family and its mysterious origins. However, both Javin and a duo of bad guys are after Pierce; can he claim the inheritance without getting killed in the process?

I criticized Legacy for being poorly edited. Thankfully, the sequel does not suffer from that. It's much better edited and I didn't have problems in that regard. But what about the story itself? Well, it's not as epic this time around. The world isn't being threatened; really, it's all about Pierce uncovering his origins. At first, I was bored because I didn't give a crap about his family. But once we got into the meat of it, I realized it really is an interesting story. Lowe has real talent; honestly, I feel this is worth more than the $1.99 she's charging for it. The only real complain I have is the fact she halts the plot's momentum mid-way to tell a prequel story involving Pierce's brother Joaquin. I feel she should have saved that for the end.

Other than that, Legacy: The Reunion is a solid read.

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