Sunday, August 26, 2018

Author Interview -- S.T. Sanchez

Today I'm talking with S.T. Sanchez, author of The Portal Keeper and Sunwalker.

1.)   How would you describe your writing to a newb? 
I write in 3rd POV, but I am toying with the idea of doing a novel in 1st person. I love to write fantasy although I have an idea for a drama and an action adventure, but as much as I would love to jump into the project I have decided to finish the two series I currently have published first.

2.)   What inspired you to write The Portal Keeper?
I have a YA Vampire Trilogy entitled the Sunwalker Trilogy. I have always been fascinated with vampires. However my kids are still on the younger side, and the series is a little bit too intense for them.  My son wanted me to write a story with a dragon in it. I had been toying with the idea of writing a novel with a mystical portal and just jumped in from there.

3.)   Why do you think The Portal Keeper was so easy to write?
I think the instant feedback made this novel easier to write. On my other projects no one sees any of it until I have completed the first draft. But with The Portal Keeper my kids were too excited that I was writing something that they would be able to read. They became my instant beta readers. Constantly hounding me to finish the next chapter. This book became our bedtime story. Their anticipation and excitement was catching and pushed me to write more.

4.)  What's a place in Dallas I absolutely have to visit? I'll go first. You've got to hit up Sushi One at the Plaza of the Americas.
That’s a tough one. Dallas has so many amazing things to offer, especially when it comes to restaurants. Probably my favorite place to go is an Italian place in Allen, a suburb just north of Dallas. It has fantastic food, and I might be a little bias since I met my husband there.  If you ever go, you must order the Stuffed Mushrooms and Chicken Murphy. There is nothing better.

5.)   You have a BA of Arts in Spanish. I've never heard of that. What is it?  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. My husband is from Mexico and I love the people, the culture and the food. So learning Spanish was always a must for me.

6.)   What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
Keep writing. Have more than Mom and Dad read your books. Join writing groups and have someone who doesn’t know you read your works. Don’t get discouraged by bad feedback. Look at it and see if its valid and then make changes.  Don’t be afraid of rewrites.

7.)   What made you decide to start a blog?
Honestly, at first because that’s the advice new authors are given. It’s a way to attract new readers. Now I really enjoy getting to know other authors and finding new stories to read that I might not have found before.

8.)  How do you get feedback for your books? Do you have beta readers?
If you don’t have beta readers, I think that you are really putting yourself at a disadvantage. My betas are my salvation. Having several sets of eyes on a draft is crucial. They catch things I don’t see. Help me keep my work consistent and let me know when I am heading in the wrong direction. 

Beta readers can be hard to find. A lot of people have a hard time telling someone what’s wrong. It’s easier to just say everything was great. I only have a small handful of readers who will really dig in and find all my faults.  It can be a little tough to hear at times, some can be a little harsh, but I know my books are better because of them.

S. T. Sanchez - Author
The Portal Keeper

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